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Schumacher’s Son, Mick, Makes a Debut in Formula Four

mick-schumacherThe appearance of Michael Schumacher’s son, Mick, in the world of motor racing gives a bold statement that a new star may be stepping in the shoes of his father. Motor racing is a sport that takes a great deal of courage amidst all the challenges, excitement, and possibilities of serious accidents occurring.

In what seems to be a “like father, like son” relationship, the 16 year old Mick gave an impressive performance in a recent Formula Four Event in Oschersleben, Germany. This is amidst the trying times the family is going through after Schumacher’s injury in a terrifying skiing accident at the Alpine resort of Meribel.

Mick’s entry into motor racing shows that motor sporting runs in the family. Mick clinched the best rookie award after displaying an impressive performance in the first of three races, which he recently participated in. Frits van Amersfoort, the owner of the Dutch team that Mick signed a racing contract with said that they have watched the Mick’s skill in test driving and they look forward to a successful season.

Van Amersfoort Racing is the team that brought Verstappen to fame in Formula Three. In the Oschersleben event, Mick qualified in 19th place during the grid for Van Amersfoort Racing. He managed to enjoy a remarkable race and made up about 10 places prior the checkered flag was raised thus acquiring two points.

Mick is expected to make more impressions in upcoming races including those in Hockenheim, Spa-Francorchamps, and Red Bull Ring. The Schumacher name in the world of motor sporting is one that continues to rise high despite.

Mick will make a great continuation of his father’s fame and reputation if he records a good performance. Grand Prix racing requires a lot of skill and racing determination. It is a very exciting sport, but it can also be quite dangerous.

What draws spectators to the races is the excitement drawn from the zooming cars and the general nature of competition displayed on the track. The drivers overtaking each other, the underdogs who come from behind to clinch the victory and the devastating breakdown of cars; all these make for an exciting event.

Many accidents have been reported since the history of Grand Prix racing. However, Formula One racing continues to gain support and it is among sporting events that have gained worldwide recognition.